NYA International Crisis Prevention and Response

Consulting services

Our approach

NYA’s security and crisis management consultants can help you achieve Best Practice security risk management - ensuring business continuity and helping you meet your duty of care responsibilities, mitigate potential liability and safeguard your corporate brand and reputation.

We offer tailored consulting services rather than ‘off the shelf’ solutions. This helps achieve successful implementation of proven risk management procedures that fit with your organisation’s culture and unique business requirements.

Our consulting services are delivered by our specialist security and crisis management consulting team, ensuring you receive the most relevant experience and knowledgeable approach to security risk management. 

We provide wholly impartial advice. NYA does not own or have financial interest in any physical or ‘on the ground’ security assets. This means we can give an objective opinion of the best local solution for your needs - helping you vet and select the most suitable provider/s.


The following are examples of the type of tailored consulting solutions that we provide.