NYA International Crisis Prevention and Response

Crisis response services

Our approach

When advising clients in crisis, NYA operates according to a set of unique response protocols, which have been refined by many years’ experience of incident management.

Our crisis response protocols are designed to ensure the safety of the victim/s and those handling the crisis, maintain the highest levels of security and confidentiality, help safeguard reputation and business continuity and bring about the most successful outcome possible.

They include the deployment of up to four response consultants at the start of a case: two each to company headquarters and the incident location, providing maximum levels of support during the critical early stages of the crisis.

NYA’s reputation for the successful resolution of crisis incidents is unrivalled. We have never been the subject of litigation and have been called upon to act as an Expert Witness in court.


NYA provides response services for a wide range of security related crisis incidents, including but not limited to: kidnap for ransom, express kidnap, virtual kidnap, threat extortion, illegal detention, marine piracy, malicious product tampering, cyber extortion and attack, terrorism, emergency political evacuation, missing persons, stalking and workplace violence.

Our primary objective is the preservation of human life and successful resolution of the crisis, whilst implementing the highest level of security for the parties involved and reducing potential risks for the organisation/s and/or family.

Upon notification of an incident
Upon receiving a crisis call, our 24/7 Operations Centre instantly activates the NYA case manager, who will call you back immediately to provide critical advice and assistance by phone - ahead of deploying up to four crisis response consultants to the family and/or organisation’s crisis management team locations, as required.
Within 24 hours
Our crisis response consultants are on the ground within 24 hours, subject to logistical issues and immigration or other regulatory requirements.
First 10 days
Two consultants are deployed to each location for the first seven to ten days, to provide maximum levels of support during the critical early stages of the crisis and ensure that those involved get to know all their advisors from the start.
Throughout the incident
Subsequently, the two crisis response consultants in each location work 
on a 21-day rotational basis with a two to three day handover period for each rotation. This maintains continuity throughout the case whilst ensuring that the consultants can deliver the optimum level of service to the client. Our collaborative approach means that you benefit from the collective experience of the NYA team. Our consultants remain on the ground until conclusion of the incident, regardless of its duration.
Conclusion of the incident
For kidnap for ransom cases: on resolution of the incident, NYA conducts a detailed debrief of the victim(s), which is an extremely important part of the rehabilitation process for those involved.