NYA International Crisis Prevention and Response

Cyber Extortion Incident Management Workshop

We have teamed up with the US FBI, UK National Crime Agency and international lawyers to provide you with the practical tools to prepare, plan and mitigate against the impact of cyber extortion. Our 1-day Incident Management Workshops provide intensive training on pre-incident planning, response and post-incident considerations of cyber extortion.

Delivered by responders

NYA’s workshops are not delivered by training staff. Our workshops are delivered by specialist crisis response consultants supported by subject matter experts to equip you with the most relevant up-to-date experience and knowledge.

What will you get?

Insight: A greater understanding of cyber extortion: the threats, issues, considerations and processes
Knowledge: The tools to help prepare your organisation to respond
Experience: Practice dealing with a ‘live’ incident, where you will act as part of a fictitious organisation’s crisis management team
Framework: A template with which to build a company crisis management plan
Evidence: Certification and potential CPD points for completing the course

The agenda includes

An interactive simulated cyber extortion incident, based on a real scenario advised on by NYA
Specialist legal advice from a partner at an international law firm
Presentations from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and National Crime Agency
A crisis management plan development session

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