NYA International Crisis Prevention and Response


Does NYA ever use subcontracted consultants for crisis response?

No. It is our policy never to subcontract response services to third parties or external consultants. All of our response consultants are exclusively retained on a full-time basis by NYA.

What does ‘exclusively retained’ mean?

It means that our response consultant team is contracted, full-time, to provide global response services for NYA’s clients whenever and wherever they are needed. They have been carefully selected and trained by us and cannot work for any other crisis response organisation.

Does NYA work globally?


Can my organisation access NYA’s services without an insurance policy?

Yes, we provide crisis prevention consulting services to organisations and individuals regardless of their insurance arrangements. To access our incident response services you need to either have a direct retainer agreement with NYA, or a ‘Special Risks’ insurance policy through one of our insurance partners.

Which insurers is NYA retained by?