NYA International Crisis Prevention and Response

Maritime security consulting services

NYA’s maritime security consultants help organisations to achieve Best Practice risk management.

We offer tailored consulting services, rather than taking an ‘off the shelf’ approach. This helps ensure the successful implementation of proven risk management procedures that fit with your organisation’s culture and unique business needs.

Our maritime consulting services are delivered or project managed by our specialist maritime response consultants, thereby ensuring you receive the most relevant experience and knowledgeable approach to security risk.

NYA’s dedicated maritime team and global network also provides a range of information and intelligence to help you understand your maritime operating environment better.

In an increasingly litigious society companies are more frequently asked to demonstrate the thinking and evidence that has informed their decisions. NYA is trusted by insurance underwriters to assess and provide an objective analysis of the nature and level of maritime security risk.

We can help you to mitigate current and future risks by providing enhanced protection for your business, employees, crew and their dependents. Best Practice risk management ensures better business continuity, helps you fulfil your duty of care responsibilities, mitigate potential liability and safeguard your corporate brand and reputation.