NYA International Crisis Prevention and Response


Following a number of serious security incidents a multinational company with operations throughout Nigeria realised that another event would put not only their people at risk, but would also have a serious impact on their further operations and brand reputation. They were also concerned about litigation from employees if they didn’t ensure that they were fulfilling their corporate duty of care.

A team from NYA deployed to Nigeria and completed a thorough security and vulnerability assessment of all the client’s offices, residences, sites and business operations, including routes to and from airports and other key locations. We made a series of realistic and achievable risk mitigation recommendations, and also reviewed and updated all of the client’s security, crisis management and emergency evacuation policies and plans.

The review gave the organisation confidence in their existing measures, and helped them understand where the gaps and vulnerabilities lay. The client was reassured that they had done all they could to protect their people and business from future attack.

Nigeria skyline