NYA International Crisis Prevention and Response

Risk analysis services

Understanding the security risks to personnel, assets and operations inherent with investing and working in demanding and difficult environments, is critical for ensuring timely and informed decision making. NYA produces a range of regular and bespoke information and intelligence products to assist clients’ in making these decisions.

NYA can tailor its analysis to meet specific client requirements, providing detailed land or maritime focused reports. These harness NYA’s extensive regional consultant network to provide a timely and accurate assessment of the risks affecting people and business operations operating on the ground.

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Kidnap & Ransom Reports

With NYA’s extensive experience in responding to kidnap and ransom incidents globally, we produce the most up-to-date reports covering the nature of the risk, trends and high-risk areas for cities, regions and countries of interest. These reports can be produced on request and are tailored to the individual’s or organisation’s specific requirements.

Security Reports

Our detailed, bespoke security reports provide an in-depth understanding of the wider security concerns in a city, region or country of concern, including crime, extortion, political and civil unrest, ethnic and sectarian violence, terrorism, insurgency, health and natural hazards.

Using a combination of open and in-country information sources to produce an in-depth assessment, we can give you the background knowledge to make informed decisions.

Maritime Security Alerts

We provide a 24/7 maritime security alert service, informing nominated personnel (such as CSO / DPA) by phone, SMS or email of any new maritime security incidents that may affect an asset or shore-based operations. If NYA is authorised then we will contact the Master or Bridge Watchkeeper directly and inform them of any imminent threats.

Maritime Security Reports

Our comprehensive weekly and quarterly reports on global maritime security incidents can be tailored to specific areas of interest. They provide an ‘at a glance’ overview of recent piracy and other maritime security incidents as well as analysis of regional trends and the impact on companies operating in these regions. Information for the reports is gathered from both open and closed sources. 

Bespoke Reports

NYA can provide you with a detailed understanding of a particular region, site or operating issue. Our reports are tailored to meet your specific requirements, from the nature and severity of security risks to regional legislation around the use of armed guards and other considerations. These reports are researched and produced by our analysis and intelligence team, working alongside trusted and corroborated in-country intelligence sources in key regions around the world.